Welcome to Surin Thailand   ยินดีต้อนรับ สุรินทร์ ประเทศไทย 
The land of Rich Culture And Wonerfull People
Elephant round up on November every year Normally in The Thirst week of the month check out schedule from Surin Tourist Information Of  Surin Thailand 
Relaxation on our riverside on fresh water of nature way of life nature river in Area Ban Don-Oong  Surin Thailand 
You can feel the old way of life use to be along this river of wonderful people generation of generation 
that River made life  life deepened by river and here along the line for you to visit and get to known our people that full of highest respect 
Come and join us
Every country it have secret hiding some kind of beauty to the world out there. Here in Surin Thailand the land of Elephant that most of our land it Green and Gold everything in the land water mostly our pet  animal people live life along the line generation to generation.  We grown in to the culture and nature that ready fit in to cycle of life everyday the world change everything but here the land of Siam the land that full of happy people and highest respect people  that will made you recovery life and made you begin again no matter anytime your life change.  Start heare  our people here will always truthfully  begin  the impact to made you feel once in your life have  Change to feel happiness our hometown in you travel list for holiday vacation visit here it will memories in to your life where ever you go and you never miss one time in your life everywhere you go Thailand is that country that you  need to be there one time in your life   
we look forward to see us in our area and join us any change you you can stop by and we wish your are the very best of everyday life in our morning pray and world peace 

Chamnong Barber 

Downtown Surin Thailand  the place Bus station amiable  access to eveverydestination area aroud city or village Surin Downtown where all our people work and build city together for our pround great history that you can find out infomation the true of city Surin it next to Cambodia  Border wish now the Border line open exchange busines and visit more available for each other Both side of two country 
Train  and Airport open for your convenience  for time and schedule welcome to surin The land of Elephant we proud to have you visit us soon  visit us today  Surin Thailand   
Every Road Lead to Surin
When The land On the cycle to green. We are is The very Best of rice farmer And the best taste the rice of the world the work we put on from generation to generation that bought our rice go long way the taste it from here that you need to come feel join the real rice we eat that no one can't full us about rice join us from our hard work of each family that we all welcome you to lead your way at Ban kratomprong nadee area Surin Thailand we want one more you come to witness for us to add you up in our memories or you keep us in your memory. here is the thae happy place had found if not happy  it not Bankratomprong So as well Suin Thailand we are welcome you today made you travel Destination Value and get the trip with you of piece of mind and gift back with you that creat happy with you Every road lead to Ban kratomprong and every other village around we our happy to serve of your need  bvring yourself to see us Surin Thailand today 
The Land of grren and gold  The way of life full of rich culture and The Art of living life 
The education intelligence Person that bought  his family to his own destination   on his future  and his good will serve and service in local long until he passed away his kindness his good will his wonderful life left be hide for his family his children s and his student to career on in they life like he today with us If you can follow his slogan or his speech It will guide you life to success  Strong personality believe on your own dream make knowledge kingdom that you go anywhere else can't guide you but here the door open for you to be one we you can be one of the world needed  no matter how circumstanced He made sure give you right education that you will leave out from his roof to be anywhere for the greater persone to be proud and be world need person   

Surintrasuksha School 
Techncal ​Surintrasuksha School